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Life Coaching and Self Discovery in Durango, CO

You Can’t Miss Your Destiny

Amazing and Brilliant You. Get what you came for WHILE giving your unique gifts. Start with support designed to meet your needs. Change your life - work with Barb.

  • Your Life's Blueprint

    Take a trip through your sun & moon signs and throw the 12 Archetypes on your birth mandala. This monthly class starts with an in person and continue monthly for a full year of exploration! Read More
  • Discover the Primary Archetypes Running your Life

    We all have primary archetypes directing our lives. Get to know yours to find clarity, ease and flow! Read More
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What is my right path?

I know fear, overwhelm, anger, helpless, lost, self hatred, feeling not enough or not heard is NOT your path. Your truth is ease, joy, confidence, beauty, creativity, alive, love or more! Sign up for a 30 minute FREE Discovery Session to uncover what is keeping you from your truth or sign up for Barb's Newsletter!

What do you want?

We avoid this question as if there is a wrong answer. Feel like you are living others agenda not your own? My promise to you is to help you identify and claim your ideal life. Create a self discovery and empowerment path through hypnosis, SoulCollage, New Moon Dances, Toe Readings or , Claim your money story. Say yes to you and call me!

Find Your Voice Now

At the intersection of attitude, inspiration, integrity and courage lies your essence and truth. It is time to claim all of your power. Be selfish in order to be selfless. Start by enjoying Barb's blog series on Change.

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Treatment Success Rates

Psychoanalysis (Talk Therapy) after 600 Sessions
Behavior Therapy after 22 Sessions
Hypnotherapy after 6 Sessions
Source: Psychotherapy Magazine, Volume 7, Number 1, as stated by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD

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  • "Release Fear and Trepidation"

    Barb was instrumental as a guide to processing a difficult personal task. Using hypnotherapy to prepare helped me immensely. I felt I released any fear or trepidation so that I could actually do the real task with much more confidence and relief. She is compassionate and holds a big space for working through whatever comes up. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

    VFM, True Life Coach & Personal Growth Visionary
  • "Banish Abandonment"

    For my hypnotherapy sessions with Barb, I chose to work with “abandonment” issues. Because Barb provided a safe, trusting environment, I was able to be fully present with this emotionally charged event that had impacted my life for over 60 years. Barb’s insightful questions and sensitive respect for me resulted in a deep healing. The triggers for eliciting this emotion no longer exist. What a freeing experience!

    ~JT, Artist and Teacher
  • "Comfortable and Safe"

    I was comfortable in sharing what was coming up for me in the safe, secure environment Barb had set, supporting me in being conscious of my unconscious mind. I met with my perpetrators, my victims, my personal ill-judgments, my children, mother and father. I met with them as I am now; I was able to meet with them as equals…there were no arguments, no blame or shame or should haves, only aware humans listening and sharing with disclosure. Now, at present, I am even more self-enabled to be with others, to see them and myself simply as human.

    ~DK, Naturopath
  • "Fully Blossom"

    At 69, I decided it was time to fully blossom, to get past whatever fear or resistance was holding me back from living life wholeheartedly. Sources of both support and resistance around this issue are being revealed through hypnotherapy sessions with Barb. I am feeling empowered and energized by our work together, and am experiencing the freedom and joy of this blossoming process.

    ~JT, Artist and Teacher
  • "Best Experience of our Lives"

    Barb worked with us on our wedding ceremony to make it one of the best experiences of our lives. We met with Barb several times prior to the wedding to incorporate elements and stories from our backgrounds, families, and beliefs. We created a marriage ceremony that held true meaning and depth. Talk about embracing change- and we’re still married too!”

    ~ TS and SS, Happily Married Couple
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